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[antiX MX-14 ]Remix and issues
« le: 29 septembre 2015 à 16:51:32 »

From this thread:
MX 14.4 "Edu"

I meet with 2 issues. One in the install relates to the ability to change the color of normal and highlight font colors in Grub. The other is about the hostname in the remix.

Here is the content of the console in the remix (virtualbox here):

the /etc/hostname is correct, with the host name of the installed remix. The file /etc/hosts on the other hand has the hostname of the source install which has been used to remix.

How can I fix that part?

For the Grub issue, I am seeking for the reason why my changes aren't used when it comes to font colors. (For the background image, it's fixed).

I don't know why the file /etc/boot/grub.cfg is read only, originally : any idea?

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