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I am restarting, William expressed here the wish to learn about remixing Ubuntu flavors, these are two good reasons to present here how to do it and answer to any questions while doing so.

Hopefully you are familiar with some command line, (no need to be an expert) and know at least roughly what the Linux filesystem looks like.

Ready? Go!

First you will have an Ubuntu 12.04 installed because this is the version which we are going to work on. I have not tried all the versions after, just the 13.04 and that was not stable at all (I mean I had upgraded the system installed and that brought many issues all at a time so I stepped back).

If you want to get Bento and install it for your work environment, you can take one of these:

I would like to suggest the DVD. However if you want something else, one with a kernel else than the non pae 3.2.0-xy, just pick what seems good for you. Once you have your work environment settled, you will need the basis ISO to work on and Ubuntu Builder...

Next, you will download a small iso, Ubuntu Mini Remix, and install Ubuntu Builder.

To get Ubuntu Mini Remix, download it from here:

To get Ubuntu Builder, use the ppa which you will find here:

I suggest you pick up the version for Gambas2, but if you want to get the one for Gambas3 you will need to add the ppa for Gambas3. That makes a lot of packages, I don't advice you to do it that way.

Here I am going to use Ubuntu Mini Remix, but you may want to try some flavors of Ubuntu. I tried to remix Lubuntu, it failed, same for Xubuntu. I have seen posts on the Ubuntu Builder former google code place, other people also had issues when trying to remix with Xubuntu. I am not sure apart from the UMR which other ISO can be customized successfully.

Once all this is done and ready, start Ubuntu Builder, (you will be prompte for your password), visit the menus, (not sure picking up a name for your spinoff will create a bootable ISO, it has always been an issue so far... but I haven't tried yet with the very latest version). You can choose the small ISO (UMR in version 12.04 is about 180MB). Open a console from within Ubuntu Builder, and update your system.

Next, the work of installing a list of packages will start.

Who has questions?

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