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Hi everyone,
I had some problems registering as the language was in french, copying the error message, using google translate, it said the password needed upper an lower case as well as numbers and a minimum of 8 characters.
Just mentioning this in case it helps anyone.  8)
Best wishes,

Thank you OnlyHuman, and welcome !

One more tip : you can put the full URL of the forum in, to ease the comprehension, you can also go directly to the link for registering here:

I had this problem as well:

In a way, it was good for me... a good reminder about how it feels to not know the language. So much of the web is in English, it seems.


Once registered and approved, just head up to your profile, following this link:;area=account

From there you can choose to switch to English. Once done you should feel at home!

Let me know if you have any other things you would like to ask (except switching it all to English: because French speaking users are even more lost than English speaking users when they don't talk the language).

You might want to lose the "u=***" from the url as that is a specific profile page.  The url without "u=***" takes you to your own profile page.


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