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HI All
« le: 03 novembre 2013 à 20:21:17 »
Hi All,

It's time to introduce myself.  My name is Jeff and I've been using Linux since 2007, when I started with PCLinxuOS.  A couple of years back, I did some tesing for Melodie.  At this point, I've moved on from PCLinuxOS to Linux Mint.  I look forward to using this Forum and helping where I can.

Have a great day,


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Re : HI All
« Réponse #1 le: 03 novembre 2013 à 21:14:10 »
Hi Jeff,

And you did a good job by testing PCLinuxOS Openbox.
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Re : HI All
« Réponse #2 le: 03 novembre 2013 à 21:49:46 »
Hello Jeff!

Welcome to the quiet little LinuxVillage!

Yes, you did a great job when we where building pclinuxos openbox. I have learned a lot then and it has helped me start over with Ubuntu Openbox spins…

Take your time, visit, feel at home! :D

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