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I just want to run this by everyone

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and see if we are all on the same page. There are a lot of strange and terrible happenings all over the world. I believe we are going to see an acceleration of them in the future. Rob, (ka9yhd), I and others have posted a few external articles about government abuses that are just now coming to light in the news. As far as I can recall, all of them have been related to using the internet and computers. As the days continue, I hope that we can stay on course by keeping posts of any government abuse articles limited to those that are internet and/or computer related.

I may be guilty of crossing that line already. If I am, or if I cross it in the future, please point it out to me. I, for one, do not want to bring any undeserved attention to this website or to our group of users. They ARE listening.

What is your opinion?


If I could I would get all what you bring in of the kind, translated to French. Why wouldn't you bring in information about what the governments do with our freedom and our privacy? You have the right to express your disagreement with how they treat the people, first asking our vote then abusing of their power to submit us into… into what? Fear? Cowardliness? Sheepishness, sort of.

Better than that: having brought my attention to these topics triggered me to talk about it to some people I meet with here and there, IRL. I think this is important that what some people (such as Snowden) have revealed be spread out, while they have been putting their quiet and wealthy life at risk for this purpose.

well, I don't know about that. I tend to hate politics too. But Eben Moglen has recently made a point with his speech “ Innovation under Austerity ” saying that nobody would get elected on the sole basis of defending personal liberties. And speaking about innovation and austerity, he said that we had the answer (how to produce innovation under austerity and resume growth), and that this subject was our entry into politics for what we really care : our liberties and a free Internet. He cited the example of what happened in the last generation : the business around Internet and the cloud computing.

Well, you would have to watch the whole speech, but I would say we should not stray away from politics, not because we haven't been heard in the last decades on the subject of personal liberties. It's the way we say which has to change. Speak first about nerd innovation, freedom to hack and invent, and then say that we can contribute only if we're free to do so.

If they are in the news, computer related, security or privacy
related, why not ?

After reading many stories where ISP's could hack a computer,
I'm fairly convinced that encrypted internet doesn't exist,  when
mid-level govt. security employees can see them, 99% of the time
without any result or reason.   CPU's have secret commands you can input
to a computer thru a web browser, etc. and the list goes on.

So which enemy should be under surveillance, people from terrorist
countries or third party candidates in local US elections because they're
not from the right special interest group ?    Hear that if you'd like.

When they, the NSA I guess, is trying to locate and capture the enemy
monster their real challenge is not becoming a monster themselves.

Thanks for voting and posting, Patrick.

--- Citation de: patrick013 le 05 août 2013 à 21:05:57 ---If they are in the news, computer related, security or privacy
related, why not ?
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That is the distinction I am trying to make. That stories posted are internet and/or computer related. Melodie's opinion is that it doesn't matter whether the posts are internet and/or computer related or not.

It's Melodie's forum, and it's ultimately her decision. But I wanted to see what others think.


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