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antiX 13 beta 2



antiX continues it's rising curve, with new test versions available. You can read about it here:

--- Citer ---25 March 2013

antiX-13 full flavours available for public testing.

antiX-13-beta2-pt1 full isos available for testing in 32 and 64 bit. (c695MB)

    3.6.11 antiX kernel for 32 bit
    3.7.10 antiX kernel for 64 bit
    3.8.4 antiX kernel available in the repository for those who want/need a more up to date version.
    dist-upgrade to 24 March 2013 (...)
--- Fin de citation ---

Hurrah for anticapitalista and his helpers!!

I like antiX a lot. It's a very good minimalist's distro. I just wish they had an Openbox version. If I remember correctly, it has Fluxbox, IceWM and WindowMaker all rolled into one. Maybe a couple more. Anyway, anticapitalista's "control center" is what I'm using as a base for making changes. If I ever finish the damn thing.

I still have a VM of the Openbox respin you did based on antiX. I import it once in a while to update the packages, or to take a look around.

I am looking forward to try an openbox-cc which you work on. I wonder if antiX could allow using one of the tools or methods dedicated to make spins out of Debian ? That could be interesting...


If you dig far enough into the "innards" of antiX, you'll see that the whole GUI Control Center was begun by KDulcimer. The comments read "Original script by KDulcimer of TinyMe". Remember TinyMe, the PCLOS respin? If you look even further, you'll find the executable remasterme. No attributions are given in the, but I believe that one began with KDulcimer, too. Of course, remasterme was the predecessor of mylivecd, which Texstar did extensive work on. Of course, mylivecd is not a bash script. It's perl code.

Anyway, "there's gold in them thar' hills". Isn't it funny how sometimes things come full circle?

EDIT: Lest I forget, I was surprised to receive an email from Texstar today, stating that will no longer host any PCLinux isos or packages. No reason was given. I'm guessing the email was sent to all forum members. I was even more surprised when my remaining PCLinux box received a full e17 update yesterday. I had forgotten it was even installed. So, after doing the update, I logged out of the LXDE session and logged into an e17 session. Sure enough, it is the latest version of e17.

Well, it will be short-lived. I'm planning on dumping my last PCLinux installation soon.

I have been told by devnet (at #unitylinux IRC chan) that he was the author of the predecessor of the mylivecd script, and about Kdulcimer and tiny pclos sure I know, this is where I started from when I came to meet with the pclinuxos distribution.

Never mind, I'm interested in an openbox control center, because the number of the entries in the "preferences" category menus start to be quite impressive... and no way to get the newcomers to start manual editing of configuration files, of course.  :P


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