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Titre: [Christmas] What about a dedicated theme?
Posté par: melodie le 15 décembre 2016 à 21:02:18

I posted a question here, because there aren't any of the nicest themes in the lists which are said to be working up to the 2.0.12 version of SMF. Special Christmas themes : all outdated? (

So I hope someone will answer and try to do something about it. If any member of our forum wants to dive in, welcome to the party!

Our Linuxvillager's forums at would look good with one of these themes.

Unfortunately they are not mentioned to be fit with the 2.0.12 version!  :o

Here are the pages of these themes:;basic_search=Christmas (;basic_search=Christmas)

(2 pages)

Would someone be keen enough to check, then if necessary, update one or several of them?

Thanks a lot  :)