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Salut Taco.22,

pour le nom, je crois que après "Bento Openbox", "Bento Sushi", une version intermédiaire pourrait être nommée "Bento Maki". Voici des Makizushis:

(encore une occasion d'aiguiser ta faim juste en regardant les photos ! :D )

Pour le navigateur web, tu as hélas trop raison ! J'ai bien vu que "Web" est rapide, mais il y a un hic avec le fichier epiphany.desktop : le menu se lance bien depuis le menu applications de Openbox, mais bizarrement, ça ne veut pas se lancer depuis le menu du panel lxpanel !

J'ai essayé de modifier le fichier .desktop, (en mettant la version modifiée sous ~/.local/share/applications), la modification est bien prise en compte mais ça ne marche pas mieux. C'est un mystère, que je n'ai pas le temps d'approfondir plus avant (il faudrait que je contacte des personnes sur les chats IRC, pour qu'elles me fournissent des types de tests à faire pour trouver de quoi ça vient, et ça prendrait plus de temps que ce que je veux prendre).

Quand à Midori, le problème est que la version des dépôts est plus que ratatinée (très très très vieille) et la version récente, la 5.11, chez moi : ça crashe souvent.

Donc : si j'abandonnais Sushi ? Et que je fasse une Bento Maki, et une "Big Bento" ?

Bento Maki sera toujours inférieure en taille à 700 Mo, et "Big Bento" sera supérieure en taille à 700 Mo, et je pourrai y mettre beaucoup d'applications pour les utilisateurs, au lieu de me restreindre ?

Hi Taco.22,

for the name, I believe that after "Bento Openbox", "Bento Sushi", an intermediate version could be named "Bento Maki". Here are some Makizushis:

(again an opportunity to sharpen your appetite just by looking at the pictures! :D)

For the web browser, you are unfortunately too right! I saw that "Web" is fast, but there is a catch with the file epiphany.desktop: the menu starts well from the Openbox applications menu, but oddly, it does not want to start from the menu of the panel lxpanel!

I tried to modify the .desktop file, (by putting the modified version under ~/.local/share/applications), the modification is well taken into account but it does not work any better. It's a mystery, that I do not have time to dig in further (I would have to contact people on some IRC tchats, to provide me with some types of tests to find out what goes wrong, and it would take more time than I can take).

Now about Midori, the problem is that the version from the repositories is more than shriveled (very very very old) and the recent version, the 5.11, at home: it crashes often.

So, what if I gave up Sushi? And that I make a Bento Maki, and a "Big Bento"?

Bento Maki will always be smaller in size than 700 MB, and "Big Bento" will be bigger in size at 700 MB, and I will be able to put a lot of applications for users, instead of holding myself from adding more end user applications which I find desirable to have?
Hi Mélodie,

That dent you see in the wall near you is from me banging my head over the light-weight browser issue over the years!  There really is no solution - if you want full features you have to go Chromium/Chrome, Firefox or Opera.  Other derivatives come and go all too often.  Regarding the small fish, Web is designed for touch screens, Qupzilla has qt issues regarding html5, Dillo and Netsurf don't translate or do video, and Midori also has issues with html5.  Basically what you are doing is supplying a small disposable browser in the live build.  It's purpose is to access the net and help answer queries and to troubleshoot issues before and after installation.  Invariably it will be replaced by one of the big browsers once installation is complete.  Midori seems to be the least problematic for that purpose, especially with the ability to translate on the Bento forum.

Regarding a name for the mid size Bento, a few have come to mind.  "Bonito', after the dried fish, and "Shiitake", after the famous mushroom.  I had to cut the other two - "Santuko" is a distro and "Wasabi" is a programming language.  I'm still working through the Japanese cookbook!

Cette bosse que vous voyez dans le mur près de chez vous vient de ce que je me suis cogné la tête au problème des navigateurs légers au fil des ans! Il n'y a vraiment pas de solution - si vous voulez des fonctionnalités complètes, vous devez aller Chromium / Chrome, Firefox ou Opera. D'autres dérivés vont et viennent trop souvent. En ce qui concerne les petits poissons, Web est conçu pour les écrans tactiles, Qupzilla a des problèmes concernant html5, Dillo et Netsurf ne traduisent pas ou ne font pas de vidéo, et Midori a aussi des problèmes avec html5. Fondamentalement, ce que vous faites est de fournir un petit navigateur jetable dans la construction en direct. Son but est d'accéder au réseau et de répondre aux requêtes et de résoudre les problèmes avant et après l'installation. Invariablement, il sera remplacé par l'un des gros navigateurs une fois l'installation terminée. Midori semble être le moins problématique à cet égard, surtout avec la possibilité de traduire sur le forum Bento.

En ce qui concerne un nom pour le Bento de taille moyenne, quelques-uns sont venus à l'esprit. "Bonito", après le poisson séché, et "Shiitake", après le fameux champignon, j'ai dû couper les deux autres - "Santuko" est une distribution et "Wasabi" est un langage de programmation. Je travaille toujours à travers le livre de recettes japonais!

Salut Taco,

Epiphany se nomme maintenant "Web", et c'est son nom dans le menu "Internet" mais le nom de paquet est "epiphany-browser"?

sudo apt install epiphany-browser
I tried "Doodle" right before, even after I installed the ppa for the qt 5.10 packages, it was not a good idea. But "Web" seems simple, however very fast and it seems to work fine. Please let me know how it goes for you?

Hi Mélodie,

The custom commands for pcmanfm all work on the Bento installs on our computers, so I would expect the same of the new model.  There is quite a bit missing from Sushi, things like polkit and a number of other things that are all in the full version.  It would be a case of working out specifically what was needed for pcmanfm to do its thing.  A middle size Bento sounds good, sort of a teenage Sushi!  I like the Japanese theme and have just ploughed through a whole pile of food and culinary terms - I think I need to sleep on that.  Besides, it made me hungry!  As regarding a browser, that has been a problem for years.  There just never seems to be a mid level browser, or if there is it gets discontinued after a bit.  Midori is quite functional, and one I used to use is Qupzilla.  I like Qupzilla but I am having issues trying to get it to do Youtube - and I'm not the only one.  Something to do with html5, gstream and plugins - still working on it.       
I'm having issues with pcmanfm in sushi - error messages in .xsession-errors and not able to make my custom actions work. (…) Could I suggest that duplication be reduced by removing the software center and the updater.  I find Synaptic does a good job as a gui, and then there is always apt-get in terminal.  I probably use them 50/50.

I will do a live install of your test Bento and check it out.

Thanks again for the compliments. When you will try your custom actions in the full Bento, if they don't work, please copy the content of the custom actions and explain what they are meant for. I'll try them, and if I can't get them to work we can ask the developer of pcmanfm gtk how to make it work.

He is on a #lxde chan where he can be usually be reached. (on the server

.xsession-errors : some errors might be harmless. What errors are there?

About your suggest : I don't want to remove the software center because it is very intuitive for the very newbees, and it is easy to remove for users such as yourself. I'll rather make a middle size Bento, and not continue Sushi, perhaps. It will have the full Bento base and no applications except all the usual texte mode tools + pcmanfm, synaptic, a web browser : do you want to suggest one? Done Netsurf, done Midori, none of them does the job or is reliable enough, most of the other ones are greedy in size…

How should we name a middle size Bento? :)

Tips and tricks / Re : Conky for Bento
« Dernier message par Taco.22 le 06 janvier 2018 à 15:54:16 »
Hi Mélodie,

No, that is cropped from a screenshot of my computer.  I haven't used VBox in ages.  Downloading now to reacquaint myself!
PS3: about the list of packages, you have it in the file named filesystem.manifest in all ISOs, you can open any ISO with file-roller and see where it is located, then open it with your favorite text editor
Well you learn something every day!  Nice tip.

I'll probably leave the mini-remix well alone!  Way too much work for me after all these years - much prefer not having to continually reinvent the wheel.  Been there, done that!  Speaking of which, I'm having issues with pcmanfm in sushi - error messages in .xsession-errors and not able to make my custom actions work.  I get the feeling that there is quite a bit more I need to install to fix this, so I will move onto the full Bento, because someone has already done the job!  And a very nice job too!!  We have it on three computers at home and they all work fine.  Could I suggest that duplication be reduced by removing the software center and the updater.  I find Synaptic does a good job as a gui, and then there is always apt-get in terminal.  I probably use them 50/50.

I will do a live install of your test Bento and check it out.   
Tips and tricks / Re : Conky for Bento
« Dernier message par melodie le 06 janvier 2018 à 15:05:30 »
Hi Taco,

was the screenshot taken from a virtual machine ?


Ubuntu Mini Remix is not my doing, it's made by Fabrizio BALLIANO, an Italian developer whose project is for now on standby. 16.04 is the last version out.

It containes nothing else than the base allowing it to be installed to a computer, but it isn't a netinstall, it's meant to build what you want, on it. If you want to play with it, you might try Customizer, which is now maintained by Kamilion:

(it's a heavy task, so if you try, you will need a computer with a processor having some muscles).

Sushi is the small version of Bento, and yes you are right, I'll add the tools for the mount to be automatic in next versions. I get it that too stripped isn't user friendly. :)


Ubuntu Mini Remix est produit par Fabrizio BALLIANO, un développeur italien dont le projet est pour l'instant en suspens. La 16.04 est la dernière version sortie.

c'est une base nue, contenant juste le nécessaire pour installer mais ce n'est pas une netinstall, c'est fait pour construire ce que tu veux par dessus. Si tu veux jouer avec, tu pourrais essayer Customizer, qui est maintenant maintenu par Kamilion:

(c'est du travail lourd, aussi si tu essaie tu auras besoin d'un ordinateur avec un processeur musclé).

Sushi est la vesion mini de Bento, et oui, tu as raison, j'ajouterai les outils pour que le montage se fasse automatiquement, dans les prochaines vesions. Je comprends que si c'est trop dépouillé ce n'est pas facile pour les utilisateurs. :)

PS: la version 2 de Ubuntu Mini Remix est une mise à jour de l'ISO que j'ai faite en utilisant Customizer, surtout dans le but de tester la toute dernière version de Customizer avant de démarrer la reconstruction de Bento Openbox

PS2: Ubuntu Mini Remix is the base I have been using all these years to produce Bento Openbox.  ;)

PS3: about the list of packages, you have it in the file named filesystem.manifest in all ISOs, you can open any ISO with file-roller and see where it is located, then open it with your favorite text editor
Salut Mélodie,

À quel point voulez-vous que Sushi soit basique? Si c'est aux utilisateurs de créer leur propre style de Bento, j'aurais pensé que le montage automatique des appareils est une évidence. Je remarque que vous avez ubuntu-mini-remix-16.04 à environ 70-80mb de moins que les sushis - j'imagine que c'est très dépouillé. Peut-être que les sushis pourraient avoir une partie du logiciel de base pour faciliter l'ajout d'applications, et le mini peut être la version minimale. J'ai fait une liste des paquets installés à parcourir.

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