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The bistro! / Making music with Linux (LilyPond, Csound, etc.)
« le: 23 février 2014 à 22:40:14 »
I've been playing around with LilyPond ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LilyPond ) to make piano sheet music and midi files (which I turn into ogg and mp3 as well with timidity and ffmpeg) and finally got around to posting them here: http://music.greptilian.com

Here's my quick and dirty build script for the site: http://git.greptilian.com/?p=musichacks.git;a=blob;f=build.sh

In addition, I spend a few minutes last night playing around with Csound ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Csound ) which seems much more complicated and technical. You can see some discussion about it and some examples at http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2014-02-23

The bistro! / slystone != slystallone
« le: 16 juin 2013 à 20:15:43 »

I'll make it simple. I have not found this feature while seeking in the administration board, so I suppose a MOD (stands for "modification") is needed.

pdurbin, do you want me to install this one ?

this is what looks most to what you are asking for…

Yes! Looks great! If it is easy for you to install, let's try it. If it's hard, please don't worry about it. :)


hmm, I was hoping for something a little smaller but... I guess that would work... :)

I forget what SMF calls these. mods, maybe

This is of great interest. I'm going to go sit at their IRC channel to see what's going on there. :)

Now there's another IRC channel to sit in...

#wonderstudy on Freenode!

It's new! I'm not so sure melodie likes the name though: http://irclog.greptilian.com/wonderstudy/2013-05-11


Help requests / Re : Screen capture tools
« le: 28 avril 2013 à 04:08:36 »
very lightweight:

import -frame /tmp/screenshot.png

Tips and tricks / dropcast - for getting mp3s onto your phone
« le: 07 avril 2013 à 20:57:40 »
I recently started using https://github.com/inoks/dropcast to get mp3s onto my phone (old podcast episodes that are no longer in the main feed) and I love it!

See also http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2013-04-07#i_6674583

Create masters / Re : Re : VillageBox Support Page
« le: 07 avril 2013 à 13:20:42 »
Thanks all, but don't forget, it takes a village ... aaghh, better not go there!!

I knew someone would say it eventually. :)

The bistro! / Re : Tell W3C: We don't want the Hollyweb
« le: 05 avril 2013 à 13:30:53 »

Rules and life of the forum / Re : Re : Forums versus IRC chans
« le: 04 avril 2013 à 00:15:25 »
It sounds to me that IRC is like Chat, might as well do Skype. No set up needed.

One thing I'd like to mention with regard to setup for IRC is that in a way it's even easier than Skype. At least on http://freenode.net (where lots of open source people hang out) you don't even need to sign up for an account. You just join the channel, picking a nickname that hasn't been used, join a channel, and start chatting.

Freenode even has a web based IRC client: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=linuxvillage

You *can* spend more time on your IRC set up, but you don't have to.

Also I'll mention that there are nice, free mobile IRC clients for iPhone (IRC999: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/irc999/id360698285?mt=8 ) and Android ( http://www.yaaic.org and http://www.andchat.net ).

Thanks melodie, glad I could be of use to you :)
And me too. Thanks! I added "Solved" to the subject. :)

My profile for this forum seems to be http://linuxvillage.net/index.php?action=profile;u=214 but it requires people to log in to see it and what I've posted here.

I prefer it when all this information is public, such as on http://stackoverflow.com/users/19464/philip-durbin where people can see who I am, what I've asked and answered, even my favorites and activities.

Is there a way I can make my profile on this forum public? At least I would like people to be able to browse to the URL above and see my profile and click on links to posts I've made here. I did look around for this but didn't find anything quickly. Thanks.

Rules and life of the forum / Re : Forums versus IRC chans
« le: 01 avril 2013 à 04:11:43 »
mélodie, this is a very good description of IRC. I hope it piques some interest. :)

I didn't realize SMF had a chat feature. I definitely agree that standard IRC is better for the reasons you cited. In addition, IRC is even defined in RFCs. It was built back when people cared about interoperability. ;)

To pdurbin : you log chans and use the links to get back to discussions when you were away a while : this is very good you don't miss a piece. I might miss some pieces sometimes. Well I don't have logs on the web, because I just would not know how to do that. If you can help for this matter there are two chans I am running for which I would like them being logged : #linuxvillage and #old-world. The first one is for getting together, tchatting, help, and #old-world more for specific courses when someone needs a quiet place, or for discussions about projects which take a long time to be setup. (As OBUbuntu remix for which someone started to work on a unique build script).
Yes, I run an IRC bot that logs to http://irclog.greptilian.com but I think I'd like to limit the channels it logs to those that I plan to pay attention to. The reason for this is that I want to keep an eye out for spam and (generally speaking) I want people to behave themselves if I'm going to host the logs on my domain (greptilian.com). That is to say... on some level I personally "police" these channels to keep them friendly and on topic.

Hmm, I just joined #linuxvillage and #old-world and the topics of the channels are in French so I'm even less likely to pay attention since I don't speak the language...

I already suggested this alternative to mélodie at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/03/27/%23ubuntu-women-project.html#t15:09 but I would suggest contacting moritz on freenode and asking him if his offer of free IRC logging is still available:


I suspect that it is... I recently asked him to log another channel and he did so immediately. I already dropped him a hint that the request might be coming: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/ilbot/2013-03-27#i_6638114

mélodie, I hope you understand my resistance to log channels I don't know on my own domain. Another option would be for me to help you set up your own logging bot on your own domain. You'd probably need a real VM for this with shell access, and probably root access. All of the configs for my logging bot (philbot because it's an instance of ilbot) are here: https://github.com/pdurbin/greptilian-vagrant

In general, I feel like I want to encourage IRC logging but I don't always want it on my domain. I hope this makes sense! :)

I'm happy to read such a nice post about IRC. Freenode is on the grow you know...

... according to http://royal.pingdom.com/2012/04/24/irc-is-dead-long-live-irc/ :)

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